I do not have AirBnB, Can I book via FB instead? Yes. You may send us a private message and we will send you the Registration Form and the Terms & Conditions as well as the Mode of Payment via email.

Do you allow a day tour? Not at the moment.

Are your amenities included in your rates? Yes.

What are your amenities?  We have a Pavilion where you can dine  and a Kitchen complete with Cooking Utensils, a Rice Cooker, a Stove with gas, a Griller, and complete Dinnerwares stored in a Sterilizer Cabinet for your safety. A Sala (loundging area) where you can relax and chat with your family and friends,   unlimited use of Kayak, Fishing Rods, a Playground, Bonfire, Game Boards, Paddle Board,  2 shared T&B

Do you have water and electricity? Yes. Our water comes from fresh spring water. Each hut has outlets for charging your electronic items.

Do you have rooms? What we have is an entire house with an attic that can accommodate 8 persons.  The house has a Toilet and Bath. A small hut facing the lake that can accommodate 

up to 5 people with its toilet and bath and a veranda. There are 3 tipi-inspired huts with pillows and a Japanese Futon that can accommodate up to 2  persons per unit and has access to shared toilets and a bath.

7 Fully set up tents with camping beds and pillows that can accommodate 4 persons.

You can rent the entire area including the A-House or just the Camping area with 3 Tipi huts and tents. The amenities are the same. 

Do you provide bedding and pillows? Yes. But for sanitary purposes, we do not provide blankets and towels.

Are we allowed to bring our own tents? Yes

Do you have a mosquito net in your huts? Yes

Are your tents waterproof? Yes. We put tarpaulin on top of the tents for added protection. Our tents and tarpaulins are all Decathlon/Quechua

Do you allow tent pitching? No. Lake of the woods is exclusive to the registered guests only. 

Do you provide toiletries? No.

Do you have a toilet and bath? We have a shared toilet and bath.

What is the capacity of your boat? Our boat can accommodate 800 kilograms. 12 pax and all your belongings, cooler, etc. 

Is the boat transfer included in the package fee? Yes. But if you require an additional ride for a “to follow” guest, there is a charge of Php 700.00 one way. 

Do you have a kitchen? Yes, our kitchen has complete Cooking Utensils, Rice Cooker a Stove with gas, a Griller, and a complete Dinnerwares stored in a Sterilizer Cabinet for your safety,  

Do you have a refrigerator and coffee maker?  Camping grounds have no refrigerators and coffee makers. But we provide a portable freezer for 3 nights and above bookings.

Do you have an aircon? Only in the Family House Attic

Do you have a generator in case of brownout? Yes

Do you have a shower heater? Yes 


Is your camp senior-friendly? There are stairs to climb. And there is walking involved in going to the boat terminal. Boarding and disembarking on the boat are a bit challenging. But we frequently have a senior guest who was able to manage. 

Do you have a life vest? Yes

Do we need to bring water? Our water comes from spring water and is safe to drink but feel to bring your own water.

Do you have a swimming pool? We do not have a swimming pool. Our camp is for you to enjoy and explore the lake.

Can we bring an inflatable pool for the kids? Yes, you may but we charge 500 for the water and electricity. 

Do you allow pets? Yes but limited to 1 pet only. There is a charge of  Php 500.00 for every additional pet. We only allow a maximum of 3 pets.   

Are there stores and wet markets near the area? No. You will need to ride a boat to be able to reach the nearest stores and markets. 

Do you serve food? No.

What are the things that we need to bring to the camp?  

Off lotion


Dishwashing soap and sponge

Trash bag






Fish bait if you will go fishing


Personal Medicine

First aid kit

Toiletries (Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste)